Draft Cheat Sheet

We tested it out, and the Her Fantasy Football Tiered Cheat Sheet works.

If you want an organized approach to drafting or if this is your first time playing fantasy football then this cheat sheet is for you. This is the most comprehensive and easy fantasy football draft sheet you will ever use. You want as many players in the highest tiers possible. That’s it. It’s easy!


CLICK HERE to print out the updated Her Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet.


Do you want to step up your game? Here is that same cheat sheet, but with STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE.


H– means health is an issue, although we indicate if the injury looks like it will hold a player out during the regular season by noting the estimated weeks that player will be out. For example, Hx2 means he’ll probably sit out two games due to that injury. If it’s just an H, he’ll probably be fine.

Sx_– means suspended for _ amount of games

If you want a simple strategy, start with the running backs and wide receivers, then work to the right.


Your goals:

2 running backs in tiers one to three

3 wide receivers from tiers one to three

1 tight end from the first page

1 quarterback from the first page (we like waiting on quarterbacks)

Then pick best available players (highest on the draft sheet)

We suggest a backup quarterback and a back up tight end if you are newer to fantasy (insurance feels nice)

Second to last round take a defense

Last round take a kicker


We promise that if you follow the simple strategy and use the tiered draft cheat sheet you will be happy with your team. After that, you need to stay engaged all season and pick up the emerging talent, but at least you’ll have a great start.


Best of luck and happy drafting!