Welcome to DICED!

Every week we do a free FanDuel contest with the same premise as one of our favorite shows. Want to guess…???

We give you four “basket ingredients” which are certain rules you have to follow when setting your lineup. Follow the rules, score the most points, and then you win a prize.

You ready?


Your four lineup ingredients are…

  • You must start a quarterback playing on the road
  • One of your players must be in the Sunday Night Football game
  • Your tight end must cost $6,000 or less
  • None of your players can play on the same team, including defense - no stacks!

THE PRIZE… a free year-long subscription to the DFS package at 4for4.com

And second place gets a 4for4 t-shirt. BONUS!!!


P.S. This is an affiliate partner, which means if you make a first time deposit, Her Fantasy Football might get some cash money. Everything we provide to our listeners is free to you, so this helps us cover our costs. Thanks.

This is a free contest and we make the rules.

FanDuel is not responsible for the prize distribution. It’s just us. If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t get the prize. It’s that simple.