Minnesota Vikings 2014 will be one of learning and rebuilding on both ends of the game. Although there are a few big names to draft, there are more questions then answers. Find your draft questions answered with the Minnesota Vikings fantasy football check in.


Only Mike Zimmer Knows – Quarterback


Last year’s stats: The presumed starter Matt Cassel played in 9 games and had 1807 yards, 11 TDs, 9 INTs and 1 FUM. Christian Ponder who is rumored to be traded played in 9 games and had 1648 yards, 7 TDs, 9 INTs, and 4 FUM. At the end of the season they had the same amount of fantasy points with 107. And then there is Rookie Teddy Bridgewater that will be fighting for the starting spot this offseason.


Things to like: There is nothing that I like about drafting a Minnesota QB. They have plenty of weapons to use but this will be a learning year or rebuilding year either way.


Reasons to pause: Where do I start? We suggest never drafting a rookie QB if Teddy Bridgewater is named starter. This will be a new offense for everyone to learn. It will take sometime to adjust before we see any great numbers coming from the Minnesota QBs. If it isn’t clear not to draft one of these QBs yet having Adrian Peterson on your team should really seal the deal. He is the number one guy for the Vikings not one of the receivers.


Adrian Peterson – Running Back

Last year’s stats: In 14 games Peterson ran for 1266 yards, had 10 TDs, another TD and 171 yards REC, and 3 FUMs. A total of 203.70 fantasy points placing him 8th in RBs.


Things to like: There is so much to like about Peterson. He is smart and quick and plays for a team that realizes that they need to get him the ball. Norv Turner plans on using Peterson in the receiving game more this year, which both sides seem excited about. This could be the last year with Vikings so he might want to prove his worth to the NFL and that can only help your fantasy team.


Reasons to pause: Peterson is coming off three seasons with injuries that resulted in surgery.Peterson is not 25 anymore. This will be his last season in his 20’s. Everyone knows that at 30 RBs tend to hit a wall. Good thing for us, we aren’t worried about 2015 yet.


Cordarrelle Patterson– Wide Receiver


Last year’s stats: Patterson had 158 yards RUSH and 469 yards REC and had 3 RUSH TDs and 4 REC TDs in 16 games in his rookie season. Oh ya he also returns kicks. 2 TDs there as well.


Things to like: Patterson can run! After he catches the ball he is capable of several yards. He should be on the field more this season and be given more opportunities to improve his route-running. Patterson has the chance to get you fantasy points in several different scenarios.


Reasons to pause: This will be the second offense he has had to learn I just two years in the NFL. There will be lots of late nights studying the playbook. He tends to play on instinct rather then running his proper route and listening to direction and with possible a new QB this could be very challenging.


Greg Jennings – Wide Receiver


Last year’s stats: Jennings played 15 games and had 68 REC, 804 yards, 4 TDs and 106 yards RUSH


Things to like: Jennings is a veteran in a very young team. Consistence is all you need in your third WR.


Reasons to pause: Minnesota is a run first offense because they have Peterson on their roster. Jennings is slowing down and isn’t deep ball threat anymore. He will be turning 31 this year.


Kyle Rudolph – Tight End


Last year’s stats: Last season Rudolph played in 8 games and had 30 RECs, 313 yards and 3 TDs. He had 9 TDs in 2012 when he played all 16 games.


Things to like: Rudolph is a big guy at 6’6” and 258 pounds. For TEs size does matter. Norv Turner, the new offense head coach, loves to use TEs. Antonio Gates anyone? Last year Turner was with Cleveland and we saw how he made a name for Cameron. In Cameron’s third season he had 80 REC, 917 yards and 7 TDs compared to only having 26 REC in the last two years. Rudolph will be the main squeeze for Turner’s TE heavy offense.


Reasons to pause: Rudolph is coming off an injury. There is some serious depth in TEs for Minnesota. Minnesota has four other TEs. If Turner decides to mix it up this could hurt Rudolph overall potential or it could open Rudolph up and really help his numbers. Overall I really like Rudolph this year.


Minnesota Vikings Defense


Last year’s stats: Last year the Vikings had 41 sacks, 12 INTs, 8 FUM REC, and 1 TD. Was ranked 28th overall for DEFs with 90 fantasy points.


Things to like: New head coach Mike Zimmer should be able to turn the defense around with almost 20 years of experience coaching defensive players in the NFL. The Vikings were smart this offseason picking up Munnerlyn off free agency. Munnerlyn comes from the Carolina Defense that was ranked 2nd amongst defenses in the league. This will hopefully help their struggling secondary from last year. I also like the signing of the best tackle available in free agency Linval Joseph. They also picked up Anthony Barr during the 2014 Draft. Hopefully all these players will help Minnesota be competitive.


Reasons to pause: This offseason the Vikings last their heart and soul of their defense when Jared Allen signed with the Green Bay Packers. If they were awful last year with him I can only imagine what they will be like this year without Allen. I worry about their decisions to look for Derek Cox to be their big playmaker. He was benched halfway through the season last year. With that said he has more career INTs then anyone else on Minnesota’s roster.