Training Camp is in full swing and if you blink twice preseason will be upon us. It is time to start thinking about who you would like to draft on your fantasy team for the 2014 season so let’s take a look at some of the best options per team.


Here are the fantasy football players to watch on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:


Josh McCown– Quarterback

Last year’s stats:McCown, while playing for the Chicago Bears last season, threw for 1,829 yards and had 13 touchdowns and 1 interception. He averaged 17.01 fantasy points per game. He only played in 8 games last season when Jay Cutler was hurt.

Things to like: Um…did you watch any Bears games last season? This guy had complete control of the offense and should be credited for Alshon Jeffery’s standout season last year. Without McCown showing off that Jeffery can play really well, the Cutler and Marshall bromance would have continued with much fewer balls being thrown Jeffery’s way. The Bears offense looked damn good with him leading the team. McCown was the back up in Chicago when Lovie Smith was the head coach and clearly Lovie knew what kind of talent he had as he snagged him right up when Smith took the head coaching job in Tampa. McCown had a big season last year and people will argue it’s because he had Jeffery, Marshall and Forte…yeah well he has Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans and Doug Martin. Things are looking pretty similar and pretty good to me.

Reasons to pause: He hasn’t had the most solid history as a starting quarterback over the years. In order to feel good about McCown being the guy in Tampa, you have to put his past behind you and only focus on the fantastic production that you saw from him last year in the 8 games that he played.


Tampa Bay Defense – Defense

Last year’s stats:The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense had 3 TDs, 21 INTs and 35 sacks last year. They averaged 6.9 points and was ranked the 12th best defense in the league last year.

Things to like: This group has a lot of talent that has been poorly coached. Gerald McCoy has been stepping up as a leader on the team and if they can find a rhythm, this defense could be one of the better defenses in the league. This team will be better coached this year and will show great improvement. Think of them as your 2nd defense.

Reasons to pause: Well, they didn’t exactly tear the field up last year. They were middle of the pack so you can’t really complain too much but there are better defenses out there and these guys will need to prove to you that they have worked on cohesion.


Doug Martin– Running Back

Last year’s stats:Martin rushed for only 456 yards and had 1 touchdown. He did have 12 receptions for 66 yards. Martin only played 6 games last year due to injury.

Things to like: Martin is extremely talented and had an amazing rookie year. Last year, while frustrating, wasn’t actually too terrible if you really break the numbers out and look at match ups. He is back and healthy and has a more function front line and a friendlier environment since the coaching change. That actually means a lot.

Reasons to pause: He did you dirty last year. You drafted him after this amazing rookie year and expected big number and you did not get them. Was he hurt and we just didn’t know it? Could he just not find a rhythm? Did he fall prey to the dreadful play due to horrible chemistry between their former head coach and the team? No one knows. Oh yeah….and these guys; Mike James, Bobby Rainey and Charles Sims looked pretty good last year. Eek!


Vincent Jackson – Wide Receiver

Last year’s stats:Jackson had 78 receptions for 1,224 yards and 7 touchdowns on 159 targets. He averaged 9.8 fantasy points per game and was the overall 13th highest scoring fantasy wide receiver of the season.

Things to like: Jackson was able to still be a top receiver in the league last year despite changes in the quarterback position, drama with the head coach and overall ineffectiveness as a team. Jackson has been a top receiver for years now and with a quarterback like McCown, who helped his Bears receivers shine last year, Jackson should be sitting pretty.

Reasons to pause: There shouldn’t be a reason to pause with Jackson. He is pretty quarterback proof and at worst he is a top tier WR2. Draft on!


Mike Evans – Wide Receiver

Last year’s stats:How much is that puppy in the window…the one with the waggley tail, how much is that puppy in the window, I do hope this rookie’s for sale.

Things to like: Think Alshon Jeffery. Mike Evans is the second wide out with a star receiver on the team who is the go-to…sound familiar? Well McCown didn’t only throw to the star, Brandon Marshall, last year and the team and both receivers benefitted from it. Marshall wasn’t getting double teamed as much as he normally was since Jeffery was a viable target and Jeffery actually got some targets, which turned into big plays. Vincent Jackson will be used in a similar way to Marshall and Evans is a similar kind of player to Jeffery. Evans is a talented kid; look for him to break out and be an excellent WR2.

Reasons to pause: He is a rookie…you should always be cautious with rookies. Just don’t stretch to much for him as he does come with some risk being a rookie and having not seen him in a pro game yet.