Washington Redskins 1-4 at Arizona Cardinals 3-1


Week 6 - Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Forecast


Play ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


Michael Floyd – 23rd Ranked WR

He is now a Boom or Bust player for sure with having 12 points then 1.9 points then 11.4 points then .7 points. So this week he should be in double-digits against an only so-so defense against receivers.


Arizona DEF – 10th Ranked DEF


Gut Calls


Andre Ellington – 8th Ranked RB

So Andre came back from bye and blew it up. This week he plays against Washington and they are scary against the run. If you have no one better to play then don’t expect numbers like last week at all.



Carson Palmer – 11th Ranked QB

Watch the injury reports! Palmer has been throwing this week without any setbacks but the coaches want him to have a full day of practice. The real kicker is if he gets hit on Sunday will he be able to continue to play. Before he got injured he put up 21 fantasy points with over 300 yards and two touchdowns. To be honest even if he doesn’t play the whole game he might be able to get you all you need seeing that Washington gives up the most fantasy points to quarterbacks and for that if the Coaches decide he is not ready then Drew Stanton might not be a bad play either in Week 6.


Bench Warmers


Larry Fitzgerald – 35th Ranked WR and John Brown – 46th Ranked WR

Larry has yet to break 6 fantasy points. Sad. Brown has one game in double-digits and 3 touchdowns this year. Both are very inconsistent and although I am sure that one of them will do ok this week, you have to ask yourself is ok good enough for you to risk putting them in your roster when they could get you 1 fantasy point. Probably not.