Cleveland Browns 7-7 at Carolina Panthers 5-8-1


Play ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


Kelvin Benjamin - #14 Ranked Wide Receiver

Haden has been ruled out this week. Benjamin could have a fabulous day today. He had 13 targets last week for over 100 yards. Benjamin is a MUST START.


Greg Olsen - #2 Ranked Tight Ends

Olsen is the #2 Tight End for fantasy points this year. He had 13 targets last week and 110 yards. He is a Must Start regardless his competition.


Gut Calls


Cam Newton - #15 Ranked Quarterback

Newton is in for Week 16. After suffering a back injury from a car accident last week, Newton is ready to play. If you saw his press conferences after his accident you can tell he is a new man. He is just happy to be a live and healthy. I expect he comes out and lights it up. The week before his accident Newton had 35 fantasy points. Cleveland is a very tough defense but they will be on the field a lot. Newton can wear them down. Not a bad play at all.


Jonathan Stewart - #16 Ranked Running Back

Stewart rushed 22 times. He had a tough game with two fumbles. He recovered once but the damage was done. DeAngelo is most likely back this week, but I don’t see that affecting Stewart too much. Stewart has a nice matchup against Cleveland.


Graham Gano - #18 Ranked Kicker

Gano is coming off back-to-back games with double-digits. Cleveland gives up the 10th most fantasy points to Kickers. If you stream kickers then pick Gano up and start him.


Bench Warmers


Carolina Defense - #20 Ranked Defense

DeAngelo Williams - #65 Ranked Running Back