Indianapolis Colts 10-4 at Dallas Cowboys 10-4


Play ‘Em If You Got ‘Em


Andrew Luck - #3 Ranked Quarterback

This is going to be a shootout. I know he did us all dirty last week but it is Luck and you wouldn’t have made it this far if you didn’t have him.

T.Y. Hilton - #7 Ranked Wide Receiver

Keep watching the injury report with Hilton. He messed up his hamstring last week and has yet to practice. This will be a game time decision. This won’t be an easy matchup either. Dallas is pretty good defending the Receivers. Be careful, his injury could make him nothing more thena decoy if he plays.

Dwayne Allen - #6 and Coby Fleener #11 Ranked Tight Ends

This could be the week for both Tight Ends to have over 50 yards and a touchdown. Fleener is still seeing more targets but that might change this week. I like both of them this week.

Adam Vinatieri - #2 Ranked Kicker


Gut Calls


Daniel Herron - #21 Ranked Running Back

Herron is splitting the carries with Richardson. Herron might be better but he is no more then a 7-point Running Back at this point. If that is good enough for you then put him in. There are worse options then Herron.

Donte Moncrief - #34 Ranked Wide Receiver

Moncrief will be the one that will benefit the most from Hilton’s injury. He is a great play in most leagues as your FLEX or WR3. He has seen 4 targets in the last four games. I think he will see more like 8 targets this week but he will really need to find space to be productive.


Bench Warmers


Reggie Wayne - #57 Ranked Wide Receiver

Indianapolis Defense - #25 Ranked Defense