Indianapolis Colts 11-5


Welcome to AFC South Week and the Indianapolis Colts 2014 Fantasy Highs and Lows! Each week we will go division by division breaking down each team.


When the NFL schedule for 2014 was released we all assumed that the Colts would have a good season. I would say making it to the AFC Championship game after beating the Broncos is a pretty good season. I t was kind of like owning a Colt’s player in fantasy. Great throughout the season but game up short when we needed them the most.






Everyone knew that Andrew Luck was going to have a great year. He ended his 2014 season only six points behind the Quarterback leader, Aaron Rodgers, and averaged 21 fantasy points a game. But my high of the season was someone no one drafted, Coby Fleener. He finished in 6th place for Tight Ends with 118 fantasy points, 774 yards, and 8 touchdowns. That is with a third less receptions then the Tight Ends ahead of them. He would have had more receptions but he likes to drop the ball.


Notable: T.Y. Hilton was fantastic too until playoffs.




Running Backs


FFtoolbox had Ahmad Bradshaw as a handcuff and Trent Richardson as Possible Comeback of the Year. Not the case. It was pretty clear after game one against Denver that Bradshaw was the better back. After Bradshaw’s second week where he scored 21 fantasy points, he continued to dominate until the Colts bye in Week 10. He ended up breaking his leg and ending what could have been your best waiver wire pick up. Trent Richardson was then, quickly replaced by Daniel ‘Boom’ Herron whom never got the fantasy points Bradshaw was getting. After Week 10 the Running game just was never the same.