Minnesota Vikings 7-9



Overall I was very impressed with the Vikings 2014 performance. It wasn’t an easy start when they lost their best player Adrian Peterson after the first game to off field conduct and then lost their starting Quarterback in Week 3 to injury. That brings me to Teddy Bridgewater. He might not have been amazing for your fantasy team but he really got into his groove at the end of the season. He had more touchdowns then interceptions, which some Rookies can’t say (Blake Bortles). He threw for almost 3000 yards and rushed for over 200 yards. Bridgewater had the third-highest completion percentage and the seventh highest passer rating as a Rookie in NFL history. The potential is there.



Cordarrelle Patterson really screwed up some fantasy teams. He was drafted high in most leagues for his potential but was a complete bust. The most upsetting part of drafting him in 2014 was that he had a great first game of the season doing exactly what we thought he had in him. Patterson had 26 yards receiving, 102 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown. The rest of the 2014 season was not as kind for Patterson. He had less then 20 rushing yards the rest of the season. He had 10 games with 2 or less fantasy points. He saw a total of six targets in the last five games of the season for a total of 1.8 fantasy points. That potential he had going into the season, disappeared right in front of our eyes.


A Tight End that is reliable is hard to come by in fantasy. When you draft your Tight End, you think who will be a part of the offense? Who will stay healthy? And who can take you to the playoffs? Kyle Rudolph managed to fail in all three categories this year. With a Rookie Quarterback, I would have thought Rudolph would have been used more, but he saw less then four targets a game. He played in nine games, one more then he did in 2013, but he had one less touchdown and over 80 yards less this year. In his four years in the NFL, he has only played in all 16 games once. Even Jordan Reed who missed four games and had no consistent Quarterback had more fantasy points then Rudolph. He will be a big risk in 2015.