New York Giants 6-10

Welcome to the NFC East Week and the New York Giants 2014 Fantasy Highs and Lows. Each week we will go division by division breaking down each team.


 Odell Beckham Jr.

ODB!!! Is there anyone else on this team to talk about? He was Offensive Rookie of the Year. He finished his Rookie year fifth best Wide Receiver and that is with missing the first four games. He is a freak in the best way. No one can forget his catch against Dallas where he caught the ball horizontal with three fingers. Seven out of his twelve games he had 15 or more points. They say he only averaged 12.3 fantasy points but if you take his total and divide it by 12 it was actually 16.4, more then the other four in front of him. I can’t say enough about this kid, he is amazing.

Eli Manning

There are no questions we were all worried about Eli Manning before the 2014 season started. Not only was he recovering from an ankle injury but for the first time in his 10 years in the NFL, he was learning a new offense that was nothing like what he was familiar with. Even with those obstacles, Manning had 4,410 yards passing, 30 touchdowns, and a QB Rating of 92.1. Those are his best stats since 2011. With a year under Ben McAdoo’s offense, Manning should only be better in2015.


Victor Cruz

My low for the Giants was Victor Cruz’s injury. When he went out in Week 6 with a torn right patellar tendon there were rumors that he may never play again. Tearing your patellar tendon is way worse then tearing your ACL and the recovering could take much longer. No one knows whether or not he will be ready to play by August but we really don’t now if he will play the same ever again. We hope for the best for him. He is really one of the good guys in sports.

Rashad Jennings

Yet another season that Jennings couldn’t make it through the whole season. He missed 4 games in the middle of the season and week 16. Compared to last year he had almost 100 yards less rushing, two less touchdowns, and 66 yards less receiving. Now the Giants have been active on free agency and picked up Shane Vereen from the New England Patriots. He will be taking away some yards on the ground but most of the passes to the running back will be to Vereen. Jennings will need to really focus on his training so he can stay healthy and be fantasy worthy.