We have talked about the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers…it is now time to talk about the “other guys” who make up the rest of your fantasy football roster. That would be the ever frustrating tight end position, the kickers who are constantly a debate of whether they matter or not and the defenses who are usually one of the last pick ups of the draft. These guys might not bring the star power as the other sexy positions but you better believe they still serve a purpose on your roster and that you very much still need to pay attention and plan for them.

In this episode Brandon is down on both Gronk and Bennett due to strength of schedule and the absence of Brady for four games; Ashley talks about how the Seattle Seahawks are the barometer for when defenses fly off the board, for which Courtney compares to Ashley throwing up on carnival rides; and Courtney talks about how her belief that every team’s offense in the AFC West has improved might have an impact on Kansas City as a top defense.