It is our first show for the 2017 season! We will talk about major free agency moves, give you an NFL Draft preview, and then pick the teams that each of us will cover during 2017 season.

Who will get the pleasure of covering the Jets or the Niners this year??? The whole tone for the year is determined in this episode. Ashley gets the Seattle Seahawks for a third year in a row, Courtney for the first time will NOT cover her Dolphins, and Brandon (as always) did not get a single team that she wanted. Listen in to see where the other teams fell.

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In case you missed it, the 2017 NFL schedule is LIVE! Check it out HERE

And make sure to tune into the NFL Draft from Thursday, April 27 to Saturday, April 29. Tune into SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio to hear our own Brandon Marianne Lee doing live coverage and fantasy football relevant draft coverage. You know that’s what you need!