For the next few weeks we will go position by position to talk about strategies for drafting each position, which players we are avoiding and who we think you should target. Last week we dove in and talked about the quarterbacks and this week we will be talking about the guys who make the quarterbacks look good. Well a lot of guys make the quarterbacks look good, but we are talking about those flashy wide receivers!

In this week’s episode, Brandon’s love for the value of Rams players continues with a shout out to Cooper Kupp, a starting WR1 who has no ADP; Ashley can’t fathom why Donte Moncrief has a higher ADP than guys who finished in the top 25 last year and consistently are in the top 25 year in and year out; and Courtney explains why she is not on the hype train for Brandon Marshall who you have to take in the 5th round.