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Chris Johnson Heads To The New York Jets

Chris Johnson heads to the New York Jets after agreeing to terms on a deal. Johnson came to the free agency market on April 4th. There were rumors of a few teams that were interested in signing Johnson but after a day with the Jets on Tuesday and a night full of what New York can offer him, Johnson decided he was the missing part of the Circus in New York.

After being drafted in 2008 to the Tennessee Titans, Johnson has rushed for almost 8,000 yards, over 2,000 yards receiving, and has 50 TDs. Johnson is a 3-time Pro Bowler and 1-time First-Team All-Pro and is capable to adding to his already impressive stats.

The Jets also picked up WR Eric Decker and his reality T.V. Show and QB Michael Vick who comes from a history of drama during the 2014 off-season.

So what does this mean for fantasy football. Well we will now give the Jets a second look when drafting our teams. Hopefully all three names mentioned above will be forgotten and  you can get them for a great value.


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Trump That Buffalo

Donald Trump has expressed interest in acquiring the Buffalo Bills after long time owner Ralph Wilson passed away. There are many that fear that Trump will try to take the Buffalo Bills to either Los Angeles or Toronto Canada. Trump has tried to ease their worries by making it very clear that he would like to keep the team if at all possible in Buffalo where he can easily access the games and keep New Yorkers happy. Let’s really consider the possibility of the team moving to either location:

Los Angeles: Are you serious, people??? When are we going to learn our lesson about trying to put a NFL franchise in Los Angeles?!?!? It fails every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! I don’t know if it is the people in Los Angeles and if they truly just don’t care about the NFL, simply don’t care the the teams they have been given or can’t multi-task their attention with multiple pro sports teams as many other cities do. Either way, they are used to the star power of teams like the Lakers….do you really think they will be enthused to get the sloppy seconds of Buffalo. I don’t think so.

Toronto: Yes, there has been talk about expanding the NFL into Canada and why not?…they are our friendly and nondescript neighbors up North. We have given them the Raptors and even lent them Chris Bosch for a while so why not give them Buffalo? Well, I am not sure they want Buffalo and who knows if they will want to deal with the “YOU’RE FIRED!” persona of Donald Trump. Can our sweet natured neighbors handle his bigger than life personality and reputation? Is this the owner they will want to jump into the NFL with? Perhaps, perhaps not. We will see, but the bigger question is whether this is the franchise that the NFL wants to take the step of branching out with into a different country?

Lastly, will someone be able to trump Trump and buy the team out from underneath him?

So many questions and I am looking forward to seeing how it will all unfold.

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Aldon Smith or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

San Francisco 49ers linebacker/defensive end Aldon Smith was arrested and booked on Sunday at the Los Angeles International Airport after he indicated he was in possession of a bomb.

You know… like you do…

Smith posted the $20,000 bail on Sunday night after he was formerly charged with a false bomb report, which could result in up to one year in jail.

According to the LAPD Smith was selected for secondary screening at the airport which led to him being “belligerent and uncooperative with the process and with the TSA agent, making a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb before proceeding towards the gate area.”

If you took one step into an airport in the last 13 years you are aware of the fact that you cannot, under any circumstance, make a comment about a bomb at any airport, ever.

And since this is 2014, THERE’S VIDEO!

I could go on and on about the fact that Aldon Smith has a record of less than fabulous behavior, including his stepping away from the team to check into rehab after an early morning drunk driving incident just last year. Or we could talk about “that house party” in 2012. We could also laugh about the fact that this incident happened at the worst possible time because the 49ers need to decide by May 3 if they want to exercise Smith’s 2015 contract option.

But I won’t. Why? Well, I want to talk about the internet.

You can no longer get away with anything. What you do will be recorded by someone on their smart phone with or without your knowing it. And that video will make the rounds on the internet. The more famous you are, the less anonymous you can be.

Those are the new rules. No one really made the rules, they just happened. If you send a girl a picture of your privates – it’s posted. If you act like an idiot at the airport – it’s posted. If you don’t tip on takeout – it’s posted. Heck, if you DO tip but not enough – it’s posted.

Perhaps it is time to just love the new parameters and not fight their mere existence. If you get caught doing something bad, it is what it is. If you don’t want a video out there, don’t do it.

And do you know what the worst time would be for acting out? The off-season. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DISCUSS!

We are a fantasy football website, and yet here I am talking about a non-bomb threat by a rather good defensive player. Do we cover IDP leagues and statistics? No. Do we feel like the loss of Aldon Smith would render the San Francisco Defense undraftable in your fantasy football leagues? Absolutely not. They are a defensive farm in the Bay Area. Draft with ease.

So why? Why discuss this story?

Because we “love the bomb.” As a society we eat these stories up like candy (specifically Cadbury Eggs which are oh, so delicious). Average citizens get a kick out of badly behaved celebrities. We can all sit back in our couch and say, “What an idiot!” And yes, Aldon Smith behaved like an idiot if he really referred to even possibly having a bomb. But is it time to accept that obsessing over the failures of individuals who obtained wild success in a certain areas of life is really a way to bring them back to earth and, in turn, lift ourselves up?

Fame is a funny thing. Hopefully Mr. Smith can stop providing so much fodder and we can all move on to more pressing issues like how QB ratings directly or indirectly reflect fantasy potential. Ha!

Jeff Triplette

NFL Preseason Schedule 2014

Preseason schedule 2014 is here. Finally a taste of what 2014 will hold for our favorite teams or NFL players we are all hoping to draft. This is where we will see how the new guys from college will do in the NFL. It all starts off with the NFL Hall of Fame game on Aug. 3rd where the New York Giants will be hosting the Buffalo Bills. Who has the easiest preseason schedule and who’s schedule can’t get worse for regular season?

Week 1 (Aug. 7-10)
Week 2 ( Aug. 14-18)
Week 3 (Aug. 21-24)
Week 4 ( Aug. 28)
Buffalo @ Carolina Jacksonville @ Chicago Oakland @ Green Bay Arizona @ San Diego
Cincinnati @ Kansas City Kansas City @ Carolina New Orleans @ Indianapolis Atlanta @ Jacksonville
Cleveland @ Detroit Cleveland @ Washington San Diego @ San Francisco Baltimore @ New Orleans
Dallas @ San Diego Arizona @ Minnesota Cincinnati @ Arizona Carolina @ Pittsburgh
Green Bay @ Tennessee Atlanta @ Houston Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Chicago @ Cleveland
Houston @ Arizona Baltimore @ Dallas Jacksonville @ Detroit Denver @ Dallas
Indianapolis @ NY Jets Buffalo @ Pittsburgh Tennessee @ Atlanta Detroit @ Buffalo
Miami @ Atlanta Denver @ San Francisco Chicago @ Seattle Indianapolis @ Cincinnati
New England @ Washington Detroit @ Oakland Tampa Bay @ Buffalo Kansas City @ Green Bay
New Orleans @ St. Louis Green Bay @ St. Louis Dallas @ Miami Minnesota @ Tennessee
Oakland @ Minnesota Miami @ Tampa Bay Carolina @ New England New England @ NY Giants
Philadelphia @ Chicago NY Giants @ Indianapolis NY Giants @ NY Jets NY Jets @ Philadelphia
Pittsburgh @ NY Giants NY Jets @ Cincinnati Washington @ Baltimore San Francisco @ Houston
San Francisco @ Baltimore Philadelphia @ New England St. Louis @ Cleveland Seattle @ Oakland
Seattle @ Denver San Diego @ Seattle Houston @ Denver St. Louis @ Miami
Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville Tennessee @ New Orleans Minnesota @ Kansas City Washington @ Tampa Bay

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Buffalo Bills worked out a trade to acquire wide receiver Mike Williams

Well, color me surprised! You could see a rather distinct eyebrow raise on my face when I hear that the Buffalo Bills worked out a trade to acquire wide receiver Mike Williams.

Here is the nitty gritty:

  • Mike Williams went to Riverside High School in Buffalo. This is actually a seemingly cute homecoming.
  • Buffalo Bills head coach, Doug Marrone, was Williams’ coach at Syracuse, another New York state staple.
  • About Syracuse… He was suspended for the entire 2008 season because he was caught cheating on a test. And then in November of 2009 Williams quit the team after he and three other teammates were in a car accident coming back from a casino.
  • After leaving his alma mater Mike Williams was drafted to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth round and he seemed destined for stardom.
  • However, in the last year the wide receiver suffered injuries, faced misdemeanor charges after hosting a series of house parties and then was hospitalized after his brother stabbed him in the thigh after what’s only been called “rough housing.”

Mike Williams is a competitive, tough wide receiver who has the size and athleticism to add competition to our receiver position group.Doug Marrone, Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills

What’s the fantasy football impact?

The likelihood of a Mike Williams resurgence to a no-brainer fantasy starter in not good. He and Stevie Johnson will continue their existence on the fantasy wide receiver cusp. This does further the theory that the Bills are committed to E.J. Manuel and that they want to create the most positive situation possible. Both Williams and Johnson are really better as the number two wide receiver, so… look for Buffalo to take one of the elite wide receivers in the draft this May. The team is quite serious about beefing up their offense (which is great for fantasy players). Now, if we can just decide on Fred Jackson vs. C.J. Spiller… WHO SHOULD WE START?!?!

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Tennessee Titans release Chris Johnson

News of the day: the Tennessee Titans release Chris Johnson after he started as their star running back for the past six seasons.

The nitty gritty: Supposedly the team tried to trade him and that’s why they released the Johnson so late, ruining his chances to get paid star running back money.

Chris produced many memorable moments, broke franchise records and was durable over his six-year career with our team. We have had an open dialogue with Chris’ agent, Joel Segal, over the last few weeks, and we appreciate the patience and professionalism they have shown throughout this process.Ruston Webster, General Manager of the Tennessee Titans

Hm, with all that well wishing you would think the organization would have realized Johnson’s terrible position. Many teams already acquired the running backs they needed and on the heels of the draft it will be difficult for Johnson to find a home.

Early in Johnson’s career he was amazing and in 2009 he ran for 2,006 yards, hence the name CJ2K. He ran for at least 1,000 yards in his first six seasons. Only six other players have done that (lots of sixes): Barry Sanders, Curtis Martin, LaDainian Tomlinson, Eric Dickerson and Corey Dillon.

But times, they are a changing. Last year was lackluster in comparison to his early glory days and the Titans picked up Dexter McCluster this off-season to run alongside Shonn Greene next season. And let’s be honest, there are always rookie running backs eager and willing to get the job done.

What does this mean to your fantasy team?

  • If Chris Johnson lands the featured running back role on any team he is still very draftable. No, he’s not the stud muffin of old, but he’s still a great number two guy and you will want him on your team.
  • If the Jets get Johnson, he’s a borderline number one back. I keep saying to watch out for the featured back in NY. I get this feeling that Rex wants to go back to the “studly man running” game plan.
  • If Johnson is in a “running back by committee” situation his fantasy draft stock will drop dramatically. Almost entirely.
  • If the Titans draft a rookie running back he will be worth a late round flyer. Shonn Greene is functionable, but he never reached fantasy stud status and I don’t see any reason for him to start now. If the Titans draft a star rookie look for them to capitalize. You should pick up the rookie they draft if you play dynasty no matter what. Big time potential.
  • While we’re at it, stop drafting Dexter McCluster like “this is his year.” I feel like one person in each league drafts him as a flyer and he’s yet to materialize as a fantasy football player. He’s specialized and will add a lot to the Tennessee Titans, but don’t look for him to add fantasy value.

It must be a tough day for Chris Johnson, the Titans organization and their fans so we will leave you with Chris Johnson’s own parting words.

I’d like to thank all of my teammates, the fans, the staff and the coaches who have supported me throughout my journey with the Titans. I have grown so much as an individual and as a teammate over the past few years, ad I am excited about the opportunity to bring my experience and talents to a new organization. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and can’t wait to contribute to my new team. #JUICEChris Johnson, Running Back

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DeSean Jackson is now a Redskin!

DeSean Jackson has found a home in Washington DC and will now be a Redskin. The deal was made tonight, Tuesday April 1st 2014. No people…this is not an April Fools joke. If that was the case we would be saying he has signed with the Superbowl Bound Oakland Raiders. Just kidding, just kidding.

The contract terms have yet to be fully disclosed but it is believed that the deal is for 3 years and was made after courting Jackson for 2 days. Other suiters were the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills. Dating is the worst, broken hearts all over the place!

While the Washington Redskins were a bit of a joke last year between the RG3 meltdown and Mike Shanahan drama; with the additions made in the off season, the redskins have a no joke in your face offense now. Let’s take a look at who they have that will pose some problems for opposing teams next year:

Alfred Morris- The ever adorable and solid pocket rocket running back. Morris didn’t have a bad year last year, but expect something special this year now that he won’t be the only offensive weapon.

DeSean Jackson- This speedster was the 10th best overall wide receiver last year. This guy can burn you and has embarrassed many a cornerback. Don’t expect this to change with the change of team.

Pierre Garçon- Easily the Redskins’ best wide receiver last year and the 14th highest fantasy scoring wide receiver in the league. Sure, sure, there was Santana Moss last year but Moss is not Jackson and DeSean should help open up Garçon for more targets.

Andre Roberts- This kid played with the Cardinals last year and at best was a WR3 in fantasy terms, but that is exactly what he has been brought onto this team to be. The third wide receiver so that Jackson and Garçon can shine. This guy has a lot of upside and growth potential.

Jordan Reed- Reed was hurt a majority of the season last year, but when he was in the game, he was a favorite of RG3′s and clearly stood out amongst all the tightends in the league as a player to watch.

Robert Griffin III- I think we can all agree to forget last season in terms of RG3′s performance. Last year was a bizarre year with him trying to rebound from his injury, coming back too soon, drama with his offensive coordinator as well as the head coach, locker room snafus and a close friendship with his GM. It made for a nightmare but with all the weapons he has at his fingertips this upcoming year, it would be hard to not finish as a top 10 fantasy quarterback. This will be a bounce back year for RG3.

Now the only question will be whether new coach, Jay Gruden’s offensive plan will have RG3 running his little piggly wigglys off or toss the rock down the field to his now endless options. It might be safe to say you loyal Redskins fans can get excited for football again!

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Will DeSean Jackson still be an Eagle?

There have been rumors flying around about the status of DeSean Jackson being a Philadelphia Eagle next season. Part of the reason these speculations have come up is the fact that Jackson will make $10.5 million dollars in 2014, which is a nice chunk of change out of the Eagles cap. When Chip Kelly, the Eagles head coach was pressed to tell the media where things stand with Jackson, he said, “We’ve had a good conversation, and we’re always going to do what’s best for the football team. But I think he knows where we are, and I know where he is. I feel very comfortable about it. My conversations with him aren’t things I think I need to have a conversation with anyone else about.”

So what does actually mean? Generally when the “we will do what is best for the team” comments stay flying around that is code for, “sorry buddy…..we can’t give you what you want. See you later”.

Yet, DeSean Jackson doesn’t seems to think this will be the case as he has told friends that the Eagles are not going to trade him.

Will DeSean Jackson be blind sided and be traded off or will the Eagles really keep him around?

The Eagles had a solid offense last year being the top rushing team in the league and ninth best team in passing, all while using 3 different quarterbacks. They rotated a lot of players in and also stepped up their game with using tight ends in more packages. Granted if you had Brent Celek on your fantasy team last year, you would beg to differ. So the Eagles aren’t focusing their offense around one player on the team and that is how it should be, this is a team sport. Plus when that happens, I’m looking at you Minnesota Vikings, your team crumbles when that player goes out. With that said, DeSean Jackson was a top 10 wide receiver last year with 82 receptions, 9 touchdowns and 1,332 yards.

The question now is whether that is $10.5 million dollar stats. I guess we will find out shortly.

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Is Andre Ellington fantasy football husband material? We make our case.

Why do we love this second year running back from Clemson? How and why do we think he’ll improve next year? Is Andre Ellington fantasy football husband material and how can we commit to him when he was so up and down in 2013?

Here are five reasons:

  1. Rashard Mendenhall retired. Bruce Arians adored Mendenhall and he tried to best utilize both players. But will Mendenhall leaving football all together the door is wide open for Ellington to make an impact. Most people thought the only thing standing between Ellington and fantasy greatness was more playing time. That will most certainly happen.
  2. But they signed Jonathan Dwyer… for a one year deal with only $65,000 guaranteed. That is not a vote of confidence.
  3. When asked about Ellington, Coach Bruce Arians actually said on the team website he wants “to build our offense around him.” That’s nice. And as a reminder, last year Arians said over and over again, no matter how well Ellington played, that he wasn’t going to use Ellington as an every down back. In other words, he’s been pretty transparent as far as running back usage is concerned. We can feel encouraged by Arian’s confidence.
  4. Andre Ellington has speed, mad skills and ran for 5.5 yards per carry last year. He also caught 39 passes for 371 yards (3.9 yards per catch). And he was a rookie in a time share still figuring out the game. Looking good.
  5. Ellington will be a steal because no matter what happens in the off-season, he still won’t go as high as Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte (another one of my favorites, especially in PPR). More than likely he’ll also be behind Arian Foster, Montee Ball, Knowshon Moreno (now with Miami), Ryan Mathews, C.J. Spiller, LeVeon Bell, Alfred Morris, etc. Honestly, he will be there in the draft when you need him. He has the potential to be a RB1, but he will get drafted like an RB2… like taking candy from a baby.

Also, he gained 10 pounds of muscle in the offseason so he could be more durable for a larger work load. Coach Arians said he didn’t lose any speed, just got bigger.

Be still my heart! This guy is on my radar and he should be on yours as well.

Check him out: