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Her Fantasy Football was founded in 2013 by three sisters who love football. Meet them here.

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Her Fantasy Football is on Sirius XM satellite radio and hosted by Brandon Marianne Lee, Ashley Williams and Courtney Kirby. It’s available on XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210 during football season from 8 to 10pm ET.

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Wide Receivers Preseason Show- 7.22.16

Now that we have discussed the quarterback position, it is time we breakdown the ever important wide receiver position. The wide receiver position is deep but also very reliant on their quarterback so you have to make sure that you have a deep portfolio when it comes to this position. We talk a lot about how the wide receiver 2 position needs their wide receiver 1 counterparts to operate properly and to truly garner you the points that you need and we tackle the questions that have been thrown around a lot in terms of whether you should target guys like Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant and other potentially former big hitters. This is a complicated crew so let’s dive...
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Quarterbacks Show…who gives us the feels?- 7.14.16

This week we breakdown the quarterback position. We talk about who we like over other players, discuss the different tiers within the top 20 quarterbacks and overall concerns or thrills about certain guys at the helm. Don’t miss Courtney explain why she loves and I mean LOVES Brees this year, Ashley fumbles with her mic at the opening of the show which has now lead to a which hotel room is Ashley staying in guessing game and Brandon goes on a rant about not only Brees but Tom Brady as well…she’s sticking to her guns people and we support her...
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Key Players in Each Position Overview- 7.7.16

This week we are not going team by team but instead are only talking about the top of the top in each position or who we are avoiding. It can all changes once the players start to hit the field but listen to hear who as of right now we feel good...
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