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Her Fantasy Football was founded in 2013 by three sisters who love football. Meet them here.

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Preseason Week 3- 8.25.16

The first two weeks of NFL preseason are in the books! It is time to move on to week 3, the dress rehearsal. This week we will see if we found any more potential sleepers than from weeks past and possibly downgrade some players. We may have only seen a drive or two from our starters the past couple weeks but this week we will get a much better look. In this episode Brandon goes into detail about why she is nervous about Ezekiel Elliott and that she would rather take the guys around him in the rankings, Ashley shares a sleeper story about Ted Ginn Jr., and Courtney takes a hard stance on Alshon Jeffery stating that she will not draft him and nor should...
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Preseason Week 2- 8.19.16

The first week of NFL preseason is in the books! It is time to move on to week 2 and see if we found any more potential sleepers or have less warm and fuzzy feelings about some of the guys we thought were a lock. We may have only seen a drive or two from our starters in week 1 but this is the time when we get to see all the potential on each team and make mental notes of guys to pick up if your stud becomes hurt. In this episode, Brandon mentions that Matthew Stafford and the slot receiver work hand in hand because was ranked 36th for average yard per throw…yep, do the math, there are only 32 NFL teams. Ashley continues her rage about how the Dion Lewis love is out of control and he should not be ranked as high as everyone else is ranking him; and Courtney decides that no matter what, she must end her love affair with the Vikings wide...
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Week 1 NFL Preseason- 8.11.16

Preseason is finally here!!!! Well…almost here. After a bit of a painting snafu we will finally get our first look at some football in 2016. This week we will go match up by match continuing our discussion on who you should be targeting for your draft. In this week’s episode, Brandon is not on board with Matthew Stafford, Courtney declares that Jay Cutler will be the comeback back-up player of the year and Ashley reveals some starting wide receivers who have insane value at the end of the...
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