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Her Fantasy Football was founded in 2013 by three sisters who love football. Meet them here.


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Her Fantasy Football is on Sirius XM satellite radio and hosted by Brandon Marianne Lee, Ashley Williams and Courtney Kirby. It’s available on XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210 during football season from 8 to 10pm ET.

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The Draft Show- 5.8.18

Major off season moves have been made, now that the NFL draft is over. We will go through each team to talk about the major draft picks and how this will impact the...

Free Agency-3.15.18

Free agency has started and there were a ton of moves. Some moves made sense whereas some were a little head turning. In this week’s episode, we will talk through...

Super Bowl and Playoff Wrap Up- 2.12.18

We will be going through the playoff journey game by game, all the way through the Super Bowl. What can we expect from these teams in the future and what is unknown? We...

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