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Her Fantasy Football Radio Show

Her Fantasy Football is on Sirius XM satellite radio and hosted by Brandon Marianne Lee, Ashley Williams and Courtney Kirby. It’s available on XM channel 87 and Sirius channel 210 during football season from 8 to 10pm ET.

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Off Season Catch Up Of All The NFL Teams- 4.14.16

We are back! From now till July we will be recording shows every other week and in July we will be back to full time! This week we will catch everyone back up with the fantasy relevant off season news and moves that have happened since the end of the 2015...
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2015 NFL Fantasy Football Season Wrap Up Show- 1.7.16

We can’t believe the 2015 season has already come to an end. Hopefully we were able to help guide you to a fantastic fantasy season and that you enjoyed our weekly podcast. This week we will wrap up the 2015 season with the highs and lows from each of our teams as well as some other insights. The 2016 season can not come soon enough!   You can also subscribe to us on...
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Week 17 NFL Regular Season Match Ups- 12.31.15

Well my friends, it is nearly the end of the 2015 season. Week in and week out we will go through all the teams and let you know which players are worth a start this week. It might vary week from week, but that’s the fun of fantasy, right? Are your players in a good place to score you monster points this week? Listen in to find out!   You can also subscribe to us on...
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